Monday, July 16, 2007

1.33 - His Other Car

Monkey Island is full of colorful characters, harmless loonies, and the occasional homicidal maniac. We actually have more than our share of these characters, naturally, given the type of lifestyle followed here. Tolerance of the alternate ways that people pursue their goals has always been the rule.

Our reputation for alternate ways of life, our semi-tropical climate, our dependence on the tourist dollar, cheap rum, all combine to form a society where lunacy is normal, and normal is seen as odd. (Which also means that if 'normal' is 'odd', then 'lunacy' is 'odd'. Hmmm...better delete this paragraph...)

No one embodies this spirit more than Ralph Icebag. A real mensch, he's one of the island's richest people, though to see him on the street you'd never know it. Seen here traveling on his secondary mode of transit, you'd never guess that he's really an able-bodied man of fifty-five. He just loves that scooter.

He's also the owner of the island's only used car lot, where he sells only Rolls-Royces. (Rolli-Royci?). But don't say the word 'used' in his presence; he claims a unique status for these status symbols, he considers that their actual owners never, in fact ever drove the cars to be very special. This led him to coin the term "PrePossessed", which if nothing else, makes for an arresting sign.

As for his bumper sticker, most folks just consider it silly.

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