Monday, July 16, 2007

1.26 - Above Ground Burial

ALLSORTS CEMETERY, February, 1982 - People live life to the fullest here on Monkey Island, and death is a subject most don't wish to dwell upon. For many, in fact, the standard sets of rituals involved with death are considered strange. Native islanders prefer to think of dying as the release of the soul, and don't understand why the body is placed in a confining box, which would prevent it alighting from its earthly base.

Similarly, the idea of burying the body, thereby keeping the soul trapped not only in a box but further complicating matters by being placed underground, is totally unacceptable; so the only way around these beliefs are with cremation or above ground burial.

Cremation is popular, for the smoke and scattering of ashes insure the departed a safe journey. Others opt for above ground burial.

Of course, 'above ground burial', as done on Monkey Island, isnt burial at all, nor does it imply the accepted practice of placing the casket in a vault inside a mausoleum, since that would still be keeping the soul trapped. Here on
Monkey Island the term 'above ground burial' is taken quite literally; a cemetery plot is purchased, a stone is carved, and the deceased is laid to rest. As pictured above.

Of course, this means that no more than one person can be laid to rest in a particular grave, but on the other hand, it's a lot easier to find a particular loved one, and there's no doubt as to how much room is left in the family plot.

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