Sunday, July 15, 2007

1.16 - Lavender Chevy Nova

MONKEY ISLAND AUGUST 1987 - Just as you can't blame the child, you can't blame the car, so don't even start. You can only blame the parent, the name on the registration, for this poor, lost child. Some allegedly rational person said, "Yes, I want it in THAT color."

It was parked on a main road, as if it wanted the attention, as if it needed it. At least it was clean, though a bit worn; a tad dog-eared at the doors even. But it had its pride: the nameplate was still there, secure and true. The hubcaps were in place, at least the two street-side ones were. And the color accent on the wheel rims - this auto's parents may have been misguided, but they at least had an innate sense of design.

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