Sunday, July 15, 2007

1.17 - The Palace Gates

MONKEY ISLAND, OCTOBER 1986 - The gates of the Imperial Palace of Monkey Island, which lead to the parking lot for the convention center of the same name, have an interesting history.

The convention center was originally built as an automobile factory for General Motors' Cadillac division in 1968. Although that plan fell through halfway into the project, the Cadillac logo remained prominent on the front gate. The factory building was abandoned for many years as several buyers took possession with plans for attractions such as a multiplex movie theater, television broadcast facilities, a community college, and even a 500-chair barbershop (Absolutely, Positively NO Waiting.)

Although that last idea may seem far-fetched, the first group to book the building after its conversion to the Imperial Palace of Monkey Island Convention Castle was none other than the Midwest Brotherhood of Baptist Barbers.

(Just for the record, there has never been a royal family or anything of that ilk here.
Monkey Island is run as a corporate entity by a duly elected board of directors. Thats right, it's a co-op.)

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