Sunday, July 15, 2007

1.9 - Chasing Sunset

MONKEY ISLAND, August 1998 - Some Monkey Islanders look to the west at the close of day, their eyes hungrily taking in the sunset, trying for a glimpse, if it comes, of the fabled green flash as the sun drops below the horizon.

Others prefer to mark the end of day by looking to the north, or, as pictured here, the south, to watch the magic line of twilight race across the sky. The dusk forms a magnificent arc, embracing the last bits of daylight and chasing the sunset off into the night. As if in a time-lapsed film, the darkness soon overcomes the light.

Although best viewed in person for its etherealness, the phenomenon can be seen somewhat in this photograph. Click on the image, set your browser window to full screen, and step back a bit from the monitor.

Squinting may help a bit, too. Maybe take your glasses off. Or, put someone else's on.

Oh, hell. It works for me....

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