Sunday, July 15, 2007

1.6 - Opening a Golf Ball

, June, 1987 It's the sort of thing every kid tries to do; and, while most succeed without incident, others have been lost through the inter-dimensional portal located within certain golf balls.

It's the sort of thing one never expects. One moment you're slicing through the outer cover, cutting your way through the wound rubber strands, when suddenly....

Well, it's not known what happens after that, as no one who has done it has ever been heard from again. It sure does seem to be one helluva trip, though, judging by this photograph, a self-portrait of local caddy Nick Larson as he apparently cuts directly into the core of what turns out to be an inter-dimensional golf ball. The camera, found in the ruins of his apartment, contained a full roll of film, with this as the first (and only) frame exposed.

Nick has not been heard from since, and, as of late 1995, his caddying job was still open.

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