Monday, July 16, 2007

1.24 - Fireworks Factories

MONKEY ISLAND - JANUARY, 2002 We have a lot of interesting businesses here on Monkey Island, some uncommon, and some that are downright weird. Weird, like, the EZ Bake Oven Factory. No, it isn't the place where EZ bake ovens are manufactured, it's a snack food company, and everything they sell is made with EZ Bake ovens.

We haven't cornered the market in sanity here, but we are closing in on the market for low-wattage light bulbs. And tasty, bite-sized cakes. MMmm, MMmm! Little Debbie, watch your fanny!

One of our less weird, yet still uncommon, industries is the Monkey Island Firework Factory. Founded at the turn of the nineteenth century, the Factory is located in a series of interconnected warehouse and loft buildings on the west side of the capital city. The area is a virtual labyrinth of loading docks, testing grounds, manufacturing facilities, taverns, smoking lounges and elementary schools. The vastness of the property insures that a proper safety inspection hasn't been made in many years, at least since the Harding administration. Even then it wouldn't have mattered, since the territorial status of the
Island has been in dispute since the mid- 1800's.

But gosh, the wastestacks put out such a pretty display, all day and all night.

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