Monday, July 16, 2007

1.29 - The Dog's Life

MONKEY ISLAND, AUGUST, 1990 - Dogs are a big part of life on Monkey Island, every man worth his salt has a dog, and a smart dog at that, one that's been trained to do more than just fetch the paper.

A good, smart dog makes life much easier for everyone.

Smarter, well-trained canines, along with some rather broadly interpreted labor and motor vehicle laws (given the questionable territorial status of Monkey Island), have led to a native group of dogs here unlike any other. These are intelligent, well co-ordinated puppies who can actually do serious things, like drive tractor-trailer trucks short distances, making local deliveries. Being dogs, their understandably short attention spans make long-distance assignments impossible, for now at least, but breeders are working on this. A breakthrough in that area would open all sorts of possibilities.

Here we see one of a number of inner-city drivers along his route. Not much distracts these dogs from the task they're assigned, bred as they are to have little in the way of peripheral vision.

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