Monday, July 16, 2007

1.30 - No Jogging

MONKEY ISLAND, OCTOBER 1993 - There are a lot of health fanatics here on the island, but not a lot of places for them to work out. Sure, there are health clubs, but runners have a problem finding places to pursue, well, whatever it is they're chasing. Our school system is too small for a high school (after sixth grade students are ferried to mainland schools) so there's no track for runners to use.

Jogging in the streets, however, is not a good idea, given the questionable driving skills of many islanders (see Postcards 1.2, below). So, as it seemed many runners were eventually winding up there, a lot of people started taking their constitutionals in one of the local cemeteries. The placid, winding roads rarely had traffic on them, the trees provided adequate shade, and there were even plenty of faucets for refilling water bottles.

But, as with most things on Monkey Island, this practice soon got out of hand. Running clubs were being formed, and weekends were sometimes finding hundreds of joggers descending upon the graveyard. Runners were finally banned after an informal track meet was held, with the featured race being the 400 meter hurdles.

I'll leave it to your imagination as to just what they were using as hurdles.

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