Sunday, July 15, 2007

1.13 - Waiting for Lunch

, JUNE 1998 - There are two kinds of cats on Monkey Island, mousers and birders. Well, okay, there are three kinds of cats, but the lazy-assed sleep-on-the-radiator all-day kind doesn't figure in this story.

Having a good mouser is a blessing, for here on Monkey Island a mouse in your house is about as common as Budweiser on tap at the American Legion. Most cats learn to mouse at an early age. Real birding is a talent only the strongest and surest undertake. After all, while any kitten can catch a sparrow, the real problem on the island is the indigenous pigeon population. A cat that goes after them is a valued addition to any family.

Here we see one of the islands best birders, bar none. Cookie may not be the toughest of names for a cat, but his moniker is the result of his method. For this is a cat that has learned not only how to catch these big birds, he's learned how to entice them as well. For as you can see, Cookie spreads breadcrumbs on the sidewalk as a kind of bait, then waits behind a nearby fence for his meal.

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